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Grand Sport Auto

Welcome to GSA 10000 NFT super auto sale. A unique digital evolution collection on Solana Blockchain
Each NFT represents a sports automobile in a full blockchain racing ecosystem game.

Minting price 1.5 SOL
Royalty 2%

What is Grand Sport Auto NFT Game

Game mechanics

Upgradable and custom

Cars have an endless variety of characteristics, each with his own strengths and weaknesses. Compete, Win, Upgrade, Customize and Tune your ultimate racing machine.

Game tokenomics

Play to earn game ecosystem

We will create fun and rewarding environment both for casual and professional players. Our goal is to expand usecases and drive user adoption through profits.

Unique game art

Unique and crazy generated artwork

Randomized autogenerated artwork that can spawn some unexpected combinations. Find and own the most rare and crazy cars.

Evolutionary car NFT

Change and create your automobile however you want. After the initial drop we will create fully customizable way for you to express yourself and design and game with pleasure. Will will be able to take of your old skins and sell them and buy new ones.

Power, performance and handling

Except esthetics your automobile will have other performance metrics like:

  • Engine Force
  • Gear Ratios
  • Drive wheel acceleration
  • Braking
  • Weight Transfer
  • Slip ratio and traction force
  • Torque on the drive wheels
  • Mass
Currently we cannot set those values onto the NFTs before we polish the game balance. Expect as soon as possible.

Play to earn ecosystem

The first stages of the game the player will be able to race in events to earn tokens or another rewards such as new cool ass front bumper.
Events include:

  • PvE Races
  • PvP Races
  • Team Races
  • Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Daly quests
  • Lending/Staking cars

Crosschain bridges

We want to offer our players with the best gameplay experience and for that reason we will create bridges to other scalable side chains such as Solana. If Solana is not going to cut it we are going to expand in other solutions.





Car information & trait information

We have 4 class type of vehicles - Hatchback, Sedan, Crossover and Supersport. Each of them is with unique part list and traits
In the game there will be different events and each event will have conditions (terrain, weather, etc.) suited for different types of automobiles.
Choose your machine carefully and accordingly.



  • 15Bodies
  • 7Front bumper
  • 6Rear Bumper
  • 11Headlights
  • 6Taillights
  • 6Side skirts
  • 7Side mirrors
  • 4Spoiler
  • 11Wheels



  • 10Bodies
  • 10Front bumper
  • 10Rear Bumper
  • 10Headlights
  • 10Taillights
  • 10Side skirts
  • 5Side mirrors
  • 4Spoiler
  • 11Wheels



  • 9Bodies
  • 4Front bumper
  • 11Rear Bumper
  • 10Headlights
  • 10Taillights
  • 10Side skirts
  • 10Side mirrors
  • 0Spoiler
  • 11Wheels

Super sport


  • 8Bodies
  • 11Front bumper
  • 10Rear Bumper
  • 0Headlights
  • 0Taillights
  • 10Side skirts
  • 0Side mirrors
  • 6Spoiler
  • 11Wheels


20% sold

  • Twitter giveaway
We are going to host twitter airdrop. Stay tuned.

50% sold

  • Car NFT Airdrop
We are going to airdrop one car NFT to random luky winner.

80% sold

  • Second car NFT Airdrop
We are going to airdrop one car NFT to random luky winner.

100% sold

  • Reveal car stats
After we sold we will reveal the list with car rarities. Stay tuned on Discord

Stage 1

Right after sale

  • Hiring additional staff
We will use the sale funds to hire additional staff to complete our goals. We need 3D designers, additional nodejs gurus and game developers. We can probably hire someone from the community

Stage 2

Q4 2021

  • Develop initial game
We plan to release the game in chunks. Initial game release will include simple racing PvE (Player vs environment) gameplay

Stage 3


  • PvP game release
After completing the PvE stage and we clear all bugs and issues, we will focus on delivering amazing PvP (player vs player) gameplay.

Stage 4


  • Implement play to earn game mechanics
After clearing and beta testing PvP we can deliver the play to earn model of the game. Alongside that we will probably deliver the upgrade system.

Our Team

Learn more about the team of Grand Sport Auto

The Architect

Software Architect

The architect is an expert in development of high-quality and reliable software for a wide variety of platforms.

The HR

Chief Human Resource Officer

Our chief HR is responsible for smooth operations, hiring new staff, and finding us everything we need and who we need.

The Designer

Creative Director

our creative director is responsible for leading arts and design and future game world artworks

The Media Guru

Media Director

Our Media director is our voice to the world.

Join the community


Download and install Phantom Wallet. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Solana account. Then you can interact with our smart contract on mint day.

You can sell it or auction it on SolSea.

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel.

With your NFT cars you can participate in races and win rewards. Upgrade it and customize it. Those features are in our roadmap.